Wednesday, 12 November 2008

On starting off on the wrong foot

Ok, now I feel like a dick for starting off my posting with such a bitchy little dig at a series of books I haven't even read. Still, I know my own writing style, I come off as bland and insipid when I'm trying to be "nice". I'm usually only ever inspired to write anything at all when I'm some variation of angry or pissed off. Still, elation, total fannish geekery and nerdy crushes of all sorts tend to get me in the writing mood, too, so I hope to see more of the latter, more positive type of posting in the future.

Although that doesn't mean that there won't be any venting from now on. However, I'll try to keep the angry venting to actually important things like, say, politics. Man could I have written a lot on here during certain recent political events. Still, luckily I did all that writing on facebook where some people I know actually read it. I might want to wait until a little trickle of readers comes in before I start putting things on here that I actually want to be read. Though maybe that's a chicken & egg scenario and I need to put the important stuff on here first...

Either way, I can't guarantee that every post on here will be either important or positive. Expect me to be capricious in my posting, I guess. ("Expect capriciousness?" What the hell am I even typing?)

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