Monday, 17 November 2008

Not funny

Apparently I'm a lot funnier than I think I am (despite the best efforts of this very blog to ptove otherwise).

The reason I say this is because I just had the rather odd experience of seeing a comment on an old post at someone else's blog and thinking "Hey, that's pretty funny," sometime before noticing that it was in fact I who had written the original comment.

I'm not at all surprised that I had written a comment and then forgotten about it. After all, I must have written thousands of the things over the years. What surprised me was my reaction to my own writing, which seemed so alien to my reaction to my own writing when I know that it's my writing.

I guess that typically I view my own writing with so much ingrained self-criticism and doubt that I of course find myself totally unable to judge my work objectively. My writing for this very blog is no exception. As a matter of fact, it's for this very reason that I tend not to write so much here. It's also the reason that I am yet to find a discernable theme for this blog and also why every single post (as if there are enough for me to come out with a statement like that) ends up becoming somewhat of an essay on the blog itself mixed with a self-deprecating apology of sorts.*

The weirdest thing? I was thinking about writing a post about a writer's inability to be objective about his own words just the other day, before the above event happened. Jungian synchronicity, perhaps?

*In the words of Mike Sterling, "blogging about blogging is a sin."

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