Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! No, I don't celebrate another country's national holidays

At my University there were a great many non-British students. However, some, it seems, never quite cottoned on to the fact that Britain, despite speaking the same language that they do in the United States (although that much is debateable), is not actually the United States. Hence, I sometimes seemed to find myself incredulously fielding questions about what I'd be doing to celebrate a coming Independence Day or Thanksgiving.

I do occasionally get asked about Guy Fawkes Night (although Americans almost always call it a Day), but that seems to be primarily because of the influence of a certain film...

Anyway, it may not be Thanksgiving over here, but it is in a certain somewhere in the world (or will be soon, when they catch up to today). Happy Thanksgiving, whatever American readers I may have!

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