Monday, 17 November 2008

Carey vs Marcotte

Ok, I'm posting a lot of things in quick succession here, so I promise this'll be my last one for now. I just wanted to point out how weird it is that Pandagon, one of my favourite progressive blogs, have put a post up about Mariah Carey and her attitude to sex/marriage.

Now I'm not saying for a second that this sort of thing is innapropriate for a political blog, as even - in fact, often especially - pop culture is responsible for a lot of the prevailing attitudes that a society has, so I'm not for a second asking, as some of the commenters have, "why are you even bothering with this?" No, I'm bringing this up because I actually consider myself a not-so-closeted Mariah Carey fan.

Now, just a caveat, I swear that I do like other, better types of music too. Just a little bit of discretion, my favourite band in the whole wide world are the wonderful The Dresden Dolls (perhaps not better than Mariah Carey, dependent on one's personal taste). But what can I say? I suppose I just have a soft spot for polished pop-ballads performed by someone with an unmistakeable natural talent.

Still, sometimes I do wish that she would just keep her mouth shut when she's not singing, as otherwise I find myself doing ever more complex feats of cognitive dissonance to keep myself liking her while a lot of her admitted ideas and politics are so transparently slightly backwards and/or stupid. Pandagon has just gone and underscored a great example of this.

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