Monday, 1 December 2008

I know I'm a sinner but I can't say "no..."

It can hardly be said that I'm a "fan" of Tegan & Sara, although this is predominantly through my incredible ignorance of almost all of their body of work, rather than any kind of actual distaste for what I've heard. No, my own taste in music seems to hover between the obscure-and-probably-rightly-so and the actually-very-popular-yet-maintaining-illusion-of-obscurity stuff, I never seem to get right down the middle and hit that vein of indie rock royalty, which is where acts like Tegan & Sara seem to lie.

Still, I recently stumbled upon several youtube vids of them performing covers of a certain Weezer song which is definitely my current earworm du jour. I pretty much could not have asked for a more entertaining match of song and cover artist.

Loving this (and other vids featuring the same phenomenon) so much!

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